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My Ping Pong v0.9.6 (by A&Rei Softwoks)

1) General gameplay features:
A simple game where you can fight and rule, lose or become the champion!
There are two rackets and the ball: don't let the ball to cross you side of the table.
- With v0.9.2 you can choose between the single- or multyplayer.
- With v0.9.3 pay attention on what you pick up: it will increase or decrease your racket's speed
- With v0.9.4 it becomes more and more difficult to catch the ball through the time passing by

2) Controls:
New ball, accept customs: Enter
Blue racket: W, S
Red racket: Up, Down
Exit game: Escape

3)v0.9.6 improvements (January 2007):
- Fixed 2 major and 1 minor bugs
- The code was slightly optimized

v0.9.5 improvements (January 2007):
- Now the game works in full-screen mode
- Interface slightly improved

v0.9.4 improvements (November 2006):
- Completely new presettings' interface
- Now AI's intelligence can be widely customized
- New gameplay feature: gradual decrease of racket's lenght
- New more decent sounds
- Fixed bugs with modificators

v0.9.3 improvements (November 2006):
- New gameplay features: dinamic bonus and malus
- Now the rackets' speed is customable
- Playability improved, without losing the old balance in singleplayer modality

v0.9.2 improvements (November 2006):
- Singleplayer modality introduced
- Now the game has simple sounds
- Balance improved by lightly lowering the rackets' speed

v0.9.1 improvements (November 2006):
- Now the players'rackets can be moved simultaneously
- The rackets are much more fluent now
- Fixed a major bug allowing to redirect the ball with the "Enter" key

4) Legal information:
This game was entirely realized by A&Rei Softworks' team.
Moreover There weren't used any external fonts.
The game is not a commercial product: it's just a game :)
Enjoy it at 200% with your friends!
Anyone is free to use this software for his/her personal enjoyment.
Anyone is also free to copy this software, and make it available
for copying, as long as no fees or purchases of any kind are required

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